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  Collection A.Academic Strategy

Academic Strategy and related documents

uc0jgk 30/10/12 18
  Collection B.Programme Development and Approval

Processes and templates for new programmes

uc0jgk 30/10/12 33
  Collection C.Taught Programme Review

Annual Reviews, Periodic Reviews and PSRB

uc0jgk 30/10/12 3
  Collection D.Short Courses uc0jgk 30/10/12 4
  Collection E.Minor Modifications

Includes all forms for minor mods to programmes and modules

uc0jgk 30/10/12 6
  Collection F.Taught Programme Regulations and Assessment uc0jgk 30/10/12 20
  Collection G.External Examiners uc0jgk 30/10/12 22
  Collection H. Complaints, Appeals and Disciplinary Procedures uc0jgk 30/10/12 13
  Collection I. Collaboration with other institutions uc0jgk 30/10/12 25
  Collection J. Accreditation of Prior Learning uc0jgk 30/10/12 7
  Collection K. Handbooks uc0jgk 30/10/12 12
  Collection L. Research uc0jgk 30/10/12 18
  Collection M. Work Based Learning uc0jgk 30/10/12 1
  Collection N. Student Engagement uc0jgk 05/02/13 3