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  Collection Academic Integrity and Misconduct uc0jgk 30/10/12 5
  Collection Academic Regulations uc0jgk 30/10/12 12
  Collection Assessment Policy uc0jgk 30/10/12 17
  Collection Enrolment Policy uc0jgk 01/08/16 1
  Collection Extenuating Circumstances uc0jgk 04/02/15 3
  Collection Leave of Absence uc0jgk 30/10/12 8
  Collection Voluntary Withdrawal Policy uc0jgk 05/07/17 1
  Document AQH-F-11 Fitness to Practice Regulations (Until July 2017) uc0jgk 18/07/17 149 KB
  Document AQH-F13 Attendance Monitoring Policy uc0jgk 23/03/17 397 KB
  Document AQH-F14 Policy on Penalties for Exceeding the Prescribed Limit for an Assignment uc0jgk 10/02/17 118 KB
  Document AQH-F15 Guidance for students on the penalty for exceeding the limit for assessed work.pdf uc0jgk 10/02/17 82 KB
  Document AQH-F16 Guidance and Good Practice on Responses to Student Emails and Other Student Contact.pdf uc0jgk 19/10/16 288 KB
  Document AQH-F8 Supervision of Dissertations and Projects: A Guide for Students uc0jgk 20/07/15 106 KB
  Document AQH-F9 Security of Examination Papers uc0jgk 30/01/15 28 KB
  Document Fitness to Practice Regulations (From August 2017).pdf uc0jgk 28/07/17 307 KB
  URL AQH-B8 Programme Specific Regulations Template uc0jgk 30/10/12 0
  URL AQH-M1-4 Placement Regulations for Taught Programmes uc0jgk 30/10/12 0
  URL Complaints, Appeals and Disciplinary Procedures uc0jgk 30/10/12 0
  URL Guidance on Student Pregnancy and Maternity uc0jgk 11/11/15 0
  URL Student Handbook - Regulations Policies and Procedures 2015-16 uc0jgk 28/08/15 0